Design & Communication Agency in Switzerland

Tailor made design & communication in Paris / London / Lauterbrunnen

Village (vilaʒ): masculine noun (from the latin villagium)
1) A small community in a rural area
2) A Design & Communication agency supported by its international dream team, Paris, London, Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)

Village (vilaʒ) : nom masculin (du latin villagium)
1) Groupe de maisons à la campagne
2) Agence de Design & Communication s’appuyant sur les compétences internationales de ses piliers, Paris, Londres, Lauterbrunnen (Suisse).


Le Village Design is a “Village“… But redefining the concept of “Village“. Based in Switzerland we work with developpers, motion designers, community managers, SEO specialists,  graphic designers or illustrators, artists who have the same interest for international networking, culture mix AND … Enjoying working with trendy, happy, dynamic entrepreneurs ! We have all in common the idea of not being freelancers, we are an international company, with settlements in Lauterbrunnen – Lausane – Chamonix – Paris – Bruxelles – Manchester. This is a « startup spirit ». We are all seniors in our activities, with a solid background in advertising,  design & webdesign agencies.

Internet everywhere – wifi – blue tooth – smartphone – car – train – plane… We have now the opportunity to work in the places we love, with the people we like, moving often and fast from a town to another. The frontiers have been erased, this makes a big change in our way of thinking communication, branding… An international way, curious, fast, smart, friendly !


Every client is unique, every project is specific. We translate your vision, your values into graphic langage and communication tools. Your story is the fuel of our work. We are the « Brand Spirit Gurus ». But don’t think we are going to tell you how the world should be rebuilt… We listen, we ask questions, we challenge your ideas, we try to be impregnated of your spirit and your market. Understanding you is the first step of our mission for your business !


We define your brand positioning and communication strategy based on a solid mapping of your competitors and the inspiring best practices of the smartest brands in the world. We have in mind to know perfectly the other actors of your market, their best practices. With us you will find your own space, a mix between matching the rules of your market and finding the way to show how specific, unique, you are.


We create Logotype & Brand identity, corporate edition, Online & offline advertising, websites & mobile applications in a global « Brand Spirit » approach. We have a special match with startups, product creation, branding renovation, providing more than just logotype or communication tools, we transform into graphic/ergonomic langage the concept, vision, values in a clear, understandable and « sexy » way, as much as we can.

Justine EDDE
Account Manager. Passionate about outdoors, tourism, textiles and new technologies, strives to bring different trades together on a project.
Arnaud Weber
Creative Director - Founder. La Rochefoulcauld Anderson & Lembke, Saatchi & Saatchi Paris... PRINT AD since 1994 / WEB AD since 1998.
Lisa Hutchins
Senior Account Manager. Marketing and retail background with an entrepreneurial approach to project management.
Motion Designer