The word « brand » is derived from the Old Norse « brandr » meaning « to burn. » It refers to the practice of craftworkers burning their mark (or brand) onto their products.

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Le mot “brand“ est dérivé du vieil Islandais (norrois) “Brandr“ qui veut dire  “à brûler“. Il se réfère à la pratique des artisants de l’époque qui “brûlaient“ leur marque sur leurs produits.


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Village (vilaʒ): masculine noun (from the latin villagium)
1) A small community in a rural area
2) A Design & Communication agency supported by its international dream team, Paris, London, Interlaken (Switzerland)

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We define your brand positioning and communication strategy based on a solid mapping of your competitors and the inspiring best practices of the smartest brands in the world.